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ThothDjehuti ThothDjehuti 14 September 2019

What Was Dalton Really Up To? Part 4: The Realm of the Stars

The Realm of the Stars! People sometimes say it was just sort of a glorified planetarium. But as always, dalton had something unusual to say.

I always thought it was interesting that he picked the planet Jupiter. A planet that's always in transition. It's constantly changing. And I think this theme of change permeates the realm of the Stars.

Not just in the attraction and drama request but in the whole design. The entire Realm -- everything was always twinkling; morphing into something else. Nebulae and galaxies were always coalescing and dispersing all around you.

And of course, Nebula Quest -- the attraction itself -- was the nexus of all that.

Because the vision that Dalton shows you in this ride is a vision of a universe in which nothing s…

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ThothDjehuti ThothDjehuti 9 September 2019

What Was Dalton Really Up To? Part 3: The Realm of Time

In case you missed Part One and Part Two of this series of blogs, I'm basically arguing that Dalton Teague created OmniPark to help humanity reach some kind of enlightenment. Yeah, it sounds crazy. Read the other two posts and catch up, then you can shittalk me.

Okay, now it's time to dive into how Dalton tried to achieve this in The Realm of Time... which was always one of my favorites!
I mean, I don't know how anybody else would have gone where Dalton went with this idea. The attraction, of course, was the the Time Tunnel ride. Which was sort of Steampunk before anyone knew what Steampunk was. And of course it was VERY loosely based on the H.G. Wells novel "The Time Machine."
But as usual, Dalton had something different to say, beyond that…

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ThothDjehuti ThothDjehuti 8 September 2019

What Was Dalton Really Up To? Part 2

So here's part 2 of my series on what Dalton Teague was actually trying to do when he created OmniPark. As I said in part 1, I don't buy the mainstream view that Dalton was literally nothing more than an oil CEO who decided to build a theme park because he loved science. I think he had something bigger up his sleeve.

At the same time, I also don't buy the "Conspiracy Theory Teague" concept, because nothing about OmniPark's design gives any indication whatsoever that Dalton was some kind of dark wizard who created the park for some secret evil purpose. Sure, a lot of partying went on in the Realm Between the Realms, back in the 70s. I've heard stories. And I'm sure every company that existed in the 70s has similar ones.

What I think Dalton was…

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ThothDjehuti ThothDjehuti 2 September 2019

What Was Dalton Really Up To? Part 1

I've been thinking a lot about Dalton Teague's lost years, and about how he's perceived.

Teague's public persona is well-known. In his media appearances, he always comes across as a sort of loving grandfather figure who created OmnIPark to teach kids about science. There isn't much to say about "PR Teague," other than that this persona is clearly inspired by Walt Disney, perhaps with small doses of Richard Feinman and Carl Sagan thrown in here and there.

Then you have what I call "Conspiracy Theory Teague" or more to the point, "Second-Option Bias Teague."

That basic line of reasoning goes something like this: Dalton and his wife Evelyn were famously (or infamously) closed-mouthed about the 7 years between the selling-off of Omni Oil and the …

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