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The Entryway Pavilion's original 1977 design

OmniPark's Entryway Pavilion was the gateway through which guests entered the park. A towering white building of white concrete and marble, it served as a point of transition between the outside world and the wondrous universe of OmniPark.

Exterior Design[]

The Pavilion's exterior was a sleek white tower in mid-century architectural style. It was adorned with colorful motifs hinting at the Seven Realms within. Guests entered the Pavilion through an enormous arched doorway flanked by two pointed white towers.

Interior Design[]

1989 concept art for a redesign of the Entryway Pavilion

The Entryway Pavilion's interior has often been compared to that of a cathedral. Its towering vaulted ceiling and walls were decorated with gigantic canvases depicting the themes of the Seven Realms: prehistoric life, cellular biology, the deep sea, outer space, primeval humankind, subatomic particles, and time travel.

Thin, high-set windows allowed the bright Texas sun to filter down in golden rays, which reflected off banners brightly colored banners hanging from the ceiling. The floor was a mosaic reflecting the themes of the posters above, hinting at the adventures guests would have within the park.

Beautiful music was piped in through hidden surround-sound speakers, creating an overall effect that many guests compared to an awe-inspiring religious service [citation needed].

Guests were allowed to enter the Pavilion in groups of 500. Each group was required to wait in the Pavilion for 15 minutes before entering the park. The original practical reason for this was that it broke up the flow of guests into the ride queues -- but it also served as a transition between the ordinary world and the magical universe within the park (much like the "transport vehicles" through which guests entered each Realm).