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So here's part 2 of my series on what Dalton Teague was actually trying to do when he created OmniPark. As I said in part 1, I don't buy the mainstream view that Dalton was literally nothing more than an oil CEO who decided to build a theme park because he loved science. I think he had something bigger up his sleeve.

Omni pavilion.png

At the same time, I also don't buy the "Conspiracy Theory Teague" concept, because nothing about OmniPark's design gives any indication whatsoever that Dalton was some kind of dark wizard who created the park for some secret evil purpose. Sure, a lot of partying went on in the Realm Between the Realms, back in the 70s. I've heard stories. And I'm sure every company that existed in the 70s has similar ones.

What I think Dalton was trying to do was to pass on a kind of enlightenment to OmniPark guests. I'm not sure if it was anything like the Hindu or Buddhist concept of enlightenment, but it was certainly something beyond the standard scientific view of the universe.

For example, think about the entrance pavilion. I've been to a lot of theme parks, and OmniPark's entryway didn't look anything like the entrance to Disneyland or Universal Studios.

What it resembled most -- from the architecture to the art to the music -- was a church. Or a cathedral, or a synagogue, or a mosque. Take your pick. But I was raised Catholic, and what it reminded me of most was going to Mass. Especially the big Masses, like Easter Sunday.

It felt solemn. As soon as you stepped into that pavilion, you suddenly had the realization that this wasn't just an ordinary vacation.

You weren't just here to ride rides. You were here to be assimilated into something bigger and more profound.

You stood under those huge windows, beneath those enormous art canvases... and you listened to that music. God, that music. I've never found anything quite like it -- and believe me, I've looked. The closest I've ever found is certain pieces from film scores, like the one below. (Here's the link)


Prime I Rise, You Fall - London Music Works-0

Listen to that music.

Listen to it with your eyes closed, and try to remember the OmniPark Entryway Pavilion as it looked in the 80s, when you were a kid.

I mean, really remember it.

Those towering white walls. The light lancing in through those giant windows.

Those huge paintings of stars and galaxies, cells and particles.

All those hints of what was to come:

Journeys across thousands of light-years...

And millions of years into the past...

From the evolution of galaxies and nebulas...

Down to the humming of protein molecules and quarks...

It was all part of that music, somehow. That music that thundered all around you as you entered into Dalton's world.

It didn't feel like visiting a theme park at all.

Somehow, it felt like you were at church.